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Risk, Resilience, and Restoration of Ecosystems and the Climate: Global to Local with Phoebe Barnard, in the Cascadia Bioregional Summit

5 Nov 2023
 Overshoot, behaviour change, enoughism, Climate Restorers and our civilizational crossroads - FacingFuture.TV with Dale Walkonen 

25 Oct, 2023
  Biodiversity early warning systems with Phoebe Barnard for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary's webinar series (try @1.5x speed) 

22 Oct, 2022
Tapestry Tree of Life William Morris.jpg
What could possibly go right? Conversation with Vicki Robin for her podcast with the PostCarbon Institute (try 1.5x speed)

19 Oct, 2022
WPD talk still_11Jul21.jpg
Overpopulation: From 8 billion to 3 with Rachel Donald for her great podcast Planet: Critical

21 Sept, 2022
Scientists Warning Europe_PlanetinCrisis_advance web_summary_edited.png
Northwest Passage_TiaraWalters_31Jan21.w

Panel discussion with host, climate adaptation scientist and photographer Alex Basaraba and fellow guests, Chicana climate activist and 'PhDiva' Gemara Lynee and photojournalist Juan Diego Reyes in a session on "#WeAreStillHere - Pandemic Portraits from the Climate Frontlines."  IUCN Youth Summit 2021, 11 Apr 2021

Invited talk, "Biodiversity Loss: the Fraying Tapestry of Life" with North American faith community, the Community of Christ in their Climate Colloquy series to shift the needle on our current destructive habits through understanding, dialogue, love and science. Recorded 7 Mar 2021; group conversations 14-18 Mar 2021

Daily Maverick journalist Tiara Walters interviews Profs Jim Hansen, Bob Scholes and me in a series of articles in "Our Burning Planet" on the opening up of the Arctic for liquid natural gas production and shipping. Print article published 31 Jan 2021

EarthX TV screenshot for website_2_12Jan

Population ecologist/writer Dr Gary Wockner (center) interviews Dr Chris Tucker and me for EarthX TV's "Overcoming Overshoot" series on over-population, hyper-consumption, biodiversity loss and the climate emergency, 5 Oct 2020

(30 mins )

Phoebe and Stuart Scott_FacingFutureTV_D

The late veteran journalist and planetary-boundaries activist Stuart Scott, then still battling with stage 4 cancer, interviews me on the six core areas of focused action we must take to avert the worst of the climate emergency, published 18 December 2020

(29 mins - watch on 1.25x speed)

Panel discussion with Profs Chris Rapley, Mao Amis and me on the urgency of conserving nature, protecting mature forests and restoring ecosystems. Planet in Crisis pre-COP26 event of Scientists' Warning Europe, 7 November 2020 (92 mins)

Reflections as a mentor (and mentee!) on the conservation leadership program "Coalition WILD" - - with a cameo appearance by Whidbey the Puppy. 7 November 2020 (34 secs)

"Our moment in time - reflections on Earth Day in the time of COVID-19" - my first very own film, made for Earth Day's 50th anniversary on 22 April 2020, on request from the Skagit Valley Family YMCA

(12.5 mins)

"Challenge 2.0" TV talk show snippets - with my comments linking American "rugged individualism" to our current crises, and our paper "World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency" shaping global action. CCTV, Seattle, 8 January, 2020 (c. 6 mins)

My coauthor Tom Newsome's short summary of our paper "World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency," copyright University of Sydney. November, 2019 (60 sec)

David Baum podcaster ComeTogether.me_29D

Come Together podcast on climate optimism - I'm interviewed by David Baum of the Positive Deep Adaptation community, 29 Dec 2019 (c. 20 mins; transcript is here if you're pressed for time)

BBC Five Live Up All Night host Rhod Sha

BBC Five Live Radio interview by Rhod Sharp on the WMO Report today on surging greenhouse gas concentrations and climate emergency, 25 Nov 2019

BBC Five Live late night host Sarah Bret

BBC Five Live Radio interview by Sarah Brett on the 11000+ scientists' declaration of a climate emergency, 6 Nov 2019 (around 26:00)

Conservation Biology Institute - Biodiversity Early Warning Systems  - 3-min film by John Bowey, Transmediavision USA. 3 March, 2019

Pacific Biodiversity Institute interview by citizen scientist and board member, Jan Hersey

21 Nov 2017

Pacific Biodiversity Institute - who we are.  2-min film clip by John Bowey, Transmediavision USA. May 2017

Pacific Biodiversity Institute - what's ahead. 1-min film clip by John Bowey, Transmediavision USA. June 2017

United Nations Radio Academic Impact Series: Interview on Homeward Bound, leadership and current tipping points,    20 Jan 2017

Visiting speaker, UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 14 Sept 2016, Cambridge, UK

Radio interview by Wandile Kallipa of SABC Channel Africa on the Homeward Bound Antarctic Women's Leadership Expedition, 22 Aug 2016

Radio interview by Sam Cowen of Radio 702 on Homeward Bound and why women make the world a fairer, more sustainable place, 20 Aug 2016

SANBI's print media release on Homeward Bound, 18 Aug 2016

Radio interview by Angela Ludek of Radio 2000 on Homeward Bound, 14 Aug 2016

Visiting speaker in the Mitchell Center

Spring 2016 Seminar Series,

2 May 2016, Orono, Maine

Radio interview by veteran journalist John Maytham on Radio 702, on whether nectar feeder 'fast foods' make city birds 'fat, sick and nearly dead' - Cape Town,

6 Jan 2016

Radio interview by veteran journalist Tim Modise, Power FM, on climate change, food security, food webs & phenology - Cape Town, Nov 2013

Interview on fire and fynbos endemic birds by John Bowey for Bird Matters,

April 2016, Cape Town

Short interview on fire and fynbos biodiversity by community journalist Kaylynn Palm,

May 2015, Cape Town

Comments from 'expert panel' on screening Franny Armstrong's film "The Age of Stupid," with Dr Peter Johnston, Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, Sept 2010

Grainy account of my last President's Address, BirdLife South Africa's AGM, Kruger National Park, March 2016 (with slides)

Homeward Bound Women's Leadership Expedition to Antarctica, by John Bowey, Jan 2015, Cape Town

 Panel sums up - with Akhona Nikeva and Dr Peter Johnston at screening of Franny Armstrong's film "The Age of Stupid" at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, Sept 2010

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