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Off to the end of the world!

Well, after two years of planning, fundraising, making our pitches, participant selection, project work in emotional intelligence and personality assessment, leadership development, family engagement and community building, .... we are all finally assembled in Ushuaia, one of the most beautiful towns, surrounded by snowy mountains, glaciers and soft Nothofagus forests (southern beech) that I have ever had the pleasure to explore.

Ahead lies twenty intensive days to and from Antarctica: leadership training, facilitated tasks, role playing, challenging discussions and informal lessons from 75 of the most talented and interesting women in global change and related sciences (not only research, but also strategy, journalism, policy, management, and art). The breakfast conversations alone with these committed women, ranging in age from about 24 to 62, are fabulous, ranging all over the place, but centred on the fundamentals: "The world doesn't have to be this way. We can change it."

What an incredible privilege, the brainchild of Australian leadership expert Fabian Dattner and polar scientist Jess Melbourne-Thomas, backed up by a super team of project managers, fundraisers, filmmakers and corporate sponsors. Thank you #HomewardBound16 #MotherNaturesDaughters!

The M/V Ushuaia will be our floating classroom and home for the next 20 days.

You can track our journey south to Antarctica on and See you in 20 days!

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