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What if transformation to a sustainable society were as easy as.....

Most women are known to make decisions more in line with the public good and the long-term in mind.

What if transformation to a sustainable society were as easy as increasing the voices of women in shaping it?

Women - at least most of us - tend to be the primary caregivers, the negotiators, the conflict-resolvers. We are usually the ones who take decisions with the good of society, of family, of companies, of communities in mind. We are the nesters in families - and the Earth is our ultimate nest.

Of course, many men are gorgeously talented at these things too - and some women clearly are not. But what if we could increase good things, like environmental and social justice, fairness, diversity and equality in the world, simply by having more wise women and men at the decision-making tables of the world ?

This is the dream behind the Homeward Bound Project, a ten-year vision to strengthen women's clarity, purpose, acumen and skill at taking decisions in the arenas of global change science, sustainability, and social change. Co-founder Fabian Dattner, the top Australian businesswoman and women's leadership expert who had this dream, woke up that morning and resolved to make it happen.

In December 2016, I'll be joining 76 other women changemakers from around the world on an inspiring Antarctic leadership expedition to undergo advanced and intensive coaching, business and emotional intelligence training, learn time and people management skills. We women come from all over the place, mostly (like myself) in global change science and engineering, education and policy, but also a few artists, activists, medics and administrators - women at various stages of their lives and careers who stepped up to the plate.

Fabian Dattner's company and team have raised roughly two-thirds of the costs for each participant, but we've each needed to raise the other third - nearly US$17000. If you can help, even a tiny bit, please see for a chance to help make this dream come true....

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